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What a PB&J can teach you about email marketing.

I teach a 3-part “SIMPLE” email formula. And you might think if it only has three parts, eventually you have to run out of options for how to use it.

Won’t it get stale? Won’t people “catch on” to the formula and quit reading?

Well, today is Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, and it got me thinking.

Because a PB&J sandwich also has three parts…but the combinations are practically endless.

If you used the *same* bread, the *same* peanut butter, and the *same* jelly every day it might get boring.

But there are plenty of different types of bread…

Different brands and types of peanut butter…

Different brands and flavors of jelly.

If you went to your grocery store you could find the ingredients for a dizzying array of PB&J combinations.

White bread, creamy PB, and grape jelly one day…

Wheat bread, chunky PB, and grape jelly the next…

Wheat bread, creamy PB, and strawberry jelly after that…

You get the idea.

On and on it goes because of the different breads, types of peanut butter, and jelly flavors.

And that’s just YOUR grocery store. Imagine all the varieties of bread, peanut butter, and jelly around the globe.

Even limiting yourself to the items at your grocery store, you could still go months without eating exactly the same PB&J sandwich, even if you ate *a* PB&J sandwich every day.

So it is with the “SIMPLE” email formula. Three ingredients, practically endless variety.

If you haven’t read the free book Content Creation Machine, where I reveal how to write “SIMPLE” emails, there’s no time like the present.

And if you have, but have hesitated to use the formula…no need to hold out any longer. It’s a classic recipe you can go to again and again.