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3 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

There’s no shortage of reasons to give email marketing a go. But for simplicity’s sake, today I’ll share just three reasons you should consider adding email marketing for your business:

Reason #1: Email marketing builds “Know, like, and trust” with your prospects.

You’ve heard the old adage that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Well, when you use email effectively–letting your distinct and lovable personality shine through–you get to build that connection with your list. And the “know-like-trust” hits keep rolling as you consistently send good emails. Think of it like a bank account, and each good email is another little deposit into your K-L-T account.

And like interest adding up in your savings account, as you keep showing up and making those deposits you also demonstrate your expertise in the field. You’re the one who keeps showing up and talking to them, so where else will they turn when they have a need for your services? You’re the expert they already know, like, and trust so you’ll have the inside track.

Reason #2: Email marketing can crisis proof your business.

When COVID-19 hit and cities and states shut down, many businesses were left without an effective way to reach their customers. Sure, you’ve got your Facebook page…but Facebook’s deliberately set up so your posts never go to your entire network.

Not all your friends see your status updates, and not everybody who “likes” your Facebook page sees your new posts.

Compare that to email marketing. When you send an email, it goes to everybody you wanted it to go to.

When your customers can’t come to you, your email list lets you go to them. That can be the difference between surviving a crisis (whether it’s COVID-19 or whatever economic nightmare comes next) and going out of business.

Reason #3: Email marketing is cancel-resistant.

No matter how rosy things look today, tomorrow that social media network you’re relying on can decide they didn’t like something you posted and punish you for it.

Years of work can be lost in an instant, whether you think their reason is fair or not. If it’s their house and they lock you out, you’re out.

You don’t really “own” your Facebook page or account. It can be taken away from you in an instant.

But do you know what happens with email service providers?

Well, I haven’t used one yet that won’t let you export your email list for personal safekeeping. You can download it to your computer and have it as a backup. That means even if Mailchimp, Convertkit, or whoever you use one day decides “we don’t like you, and we won’t send your emails out anymore” you still have those email addresses.

Thus, you could quickly rebuild on a different email service provider. Or, if they all had a conspiracy against you, you could go down your list one by one and email them personally.

Sure, that would take a lot of time. It might not be much fun. But I’d rather be able to do that as a worst-case scenario than be locked out of a service and have nothing.

In Summary…

I’m not telling you to quit using Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is you’re using for marketing. If your target audience is on Facebook it makes sense to be there trying to reach them. But don’t put all your eggs in social media baskets. Your email list is far more valuable.